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Plucking the Spectrum

Luna first landingPlucking the Spectrum : T. Ellis
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Albums available @ Tactical Stroke

3 albums currently available on Spotify and Apple etc

Plucking the Spectrum - mini dramas for the senses
Abstract music that veers through the sublime to the abrasive, always conjuring a visual sense, popping, skipping and droning through mood swings. Repetition develops, drops and escalates. Play turns to disaster, anxiety turns to hope, delirium to elation in this collection of electronic mini dramas.

Please use the contact form for enquiries / booking etc.

Find Plucking the Spectrum on Bandcamp... and Youtube

Timothy's Experiments

I ended up recording the baby a lot.

Every other day for 2 years. Removed the silence to

condense 2 years into 2 minutes 

Nought to Two in Two

Using earlytek digital mouse scratching 

in response to Nought to Two in Two:


Scratching the Baby 

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